Beautiful summer sandals with original heels

I already took shoes in this store and noticed that they run a little small, so I took size 5 for my size 35 – 36 foot 22.5 cm, it goes to size 36 based on the description and markings on the sole.

Beautiful summer sandals with original heels

In general, I liked the sandals, but there are also moments that you can find fault with.
I love simple shoes very much, but when there is a highlight in the form of an original heel, I can’t pass by! The rise does not cause discomfort The black material is soft,

New RD6006 (W) voltage converter module from Rui Deng

So I got a novelty from Rui Deng, an adjustable voltage converter for building a laboratory power supply. In general, for me the appearance of new items was a pleasant surprise. But the size of course is larger here, length 166mm, height 80mm. WiFi module, it comes only with models with index W. Having received all this from the Mist Express courier, I understood why, each product has an individual package and it is quite large. Unlike previous models, the USB interface is now available on all models. 3. Sizes in full. The first impression is that it is clearly larger than all previous models,